“The decision for me to have my baby in Cairo far away from my friends and family was not an easy one but Sawsan made the experience both positive and empowering for me and my husband. Sawsan’s childbirth preparation courses gave me and my husband the knowledge and preparation we needed to go into the birth prepared for what would and could happen and with the information we needed to do what was best for our baby. The classes also helped us to act as a team.

As a doula Sawsan was there to answer all my pre-birth questions and calm my fears. She was quick to respond to my messages of “whats this” “is this normal” “did my water just break?!”. Having her with me through a looooong labor brought me a sense of calm and strength as she offered suggestions to make me more comfortable, backed me up when I stood up for what I wanted and ultimately supported and comforted me when I had to make difficult decisions in the best interest of my son. After the birth of my son Sawsan helped me to process the birth and find peace with the decisions I had made.”

Martha Mann

“Dear Sawsan, would like to thank you for being such a great part of my daughter’s birth. Honestly feel very lucky to go through the whole experience (including the preparation course) with you. Couldn’t have asked for more kind, dedicated, professional and helpful doula. You have my deepest gratitude! Allah bless You!”

Patricia Bucholc

“Sawsan is an amazing teacher. She knows a lot and is very professional , cover all the most important topics about labor, and after as well and she is a wonderful human being too. I recomend her service as a Doula and also there classes.”

Rocio Del Puerto

“Our journey began when we decided to have a natural birth.

We though it’s just an easy decision, but it took us months until we found a helpful guide like Sawsan. At first we decided to join her course “Preparing for natural child birth” and after we saw her passion toward her message and her caring personality we asked her to be our doula. She made a great effort with us starting from finding a doctor who understands our needs until her wonderful support during labour and even after birth.

Thank you so much Sawsan, your support, care and being their when we needed you made our birth a positive birth experience.”

Nesrina & Karim